Left and right images with disparity

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Left and right images with disparity



I see that the SceneScan Pro API allows for two images to be passed through, nominally the left image and a disparity image. I would like to get a left image, right image, and matching disparity image. It is my understanding this is not possible due to bandwidth constraints. However, would it be possible to set the camera in rectified pass-through mode for left and right images and then post-process them to get a matching disparity? Real-Time receipt is not so much a big deal for me and am willing to post-process the left and right images for disparity afterwards if that is possible through the available API. What is more important to me is to get matching (in time) left / right / disparity images, however that might be done.


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Re: Left and right images with disparity


Hi Jeremy,

this is possible. You can record the raw input images or rectified images and then offline-process them. You can select the virtual network camera in the camera selection. Then you can use NVCom or our API to stream image data to SceneScan. I very much recommend using the TCP protocol in this case. Offline processing won't be possible at the full frame rate due to the increased network load.

Unfortunately I believe that there is some bug in the configuration of this network camera in the current firmware 3.2.0. I would recommend using 3.1.1 until the next release is out.
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